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best dirt bikes for kids

Young children love the feeling of independence that motor vehicles of all types gives them, especially! Youth dirt bikes allow children to enjoy the freedom of riding a motor vehicle in their back yard or other places where they are less likely to meet other vehicles that could pose a danger.

Below we have put together some buying tips and our top picks for the best youth dirt bikes for kids. Near the top you can see the top dirt bikes for toddlers and little kids. While further down we have included the best dirt bikes for older kids. …

Best Toy Kitchen Sets

Toddlers and young elementary children learn by imitating the behavior of adults and older siblings. Kitchen play sets allow young children to pretend they are making meals, doing dishes, and other chores they will be doing as they get older and become adults. They are also a great way for children to engage in imaginative play and gain verbal and social skills through playing with others.

In order to help you purchase one of these play kitchens we have provided this guide which includes a list of the very best toy kitchen sets along with tips for selecting the best…

board game for 6 year olds

Most 6 year olds are just beginning their formal school life and therefore need to practice a number of different skills in order to succeed. Board games are a great way to help children practice both academic and social skills in a fun and stress free way.

In this article we cover some tips for deciding on which board games your child will like and also have listed some great board games your 6 year old will love!

Tips for Choosing Good Board Games for any 6 Year Old Boy or Girl

  • Look for games that are action packed and appealing to your child so that they will actually want to play the game…

Best Board Games for a 5 Year Old

Having age appropriate games for 5 years olds allows young children to acquire a number of skills that will help them be more successful throughout their life. Board games provide many benefits including a means for children to bond with both other children and adults. They also help kid take their first steps in strategic thinking, develop communication skills, increases their ability to focus which allows them to be more prepared for the school years ahead.

Here are some buying tips and a look at (in our opionion) some of the best educational board games for 5 year olds.

Tips for Buying Board Games for 5 Year Old Boys and Girls

  • Consider…

4 year old games

Most 4 year olds are in preschool or preparing for kindergarten where they will need to be able follow directions and rules, work with others, and learn about good sportsmanship. Playing board games with your 4 year old can be a fun way to help prepare them for school — reinforcing following directions, working with others, and sportsmanship along with teaching various other skills including concentration, focus, color recognition, counting and number recognition and much more!

This article includes our list of what we think are the best board games for 4 year olds, offering both educational benefits and loads…

Best 3 Year Old Games

Board games aid 3 year olds in their social, cognitive and emotional growth while also allowing them to spend quality time with family members and other children their own age. Most board games are great at teaching children about taking turns, good sportsmanship and following simple rules all necessary skills they will need for when they begin school and for life.

Importance of playing games with your preschooler

If you’re after a board game for your 3 year old you’ll be happy to check out the list below where we included some great games your child is sure to love!

Tips for Choosing Good Games for 3 Year Old Boys & Girls

Best Alternatives to Power Wheels for Big Kids

There are an abundance of Power Wheels ride on toys for toddlers, but beyond this age there are less options meaning finding one for an older children can be more difficult!

With this difficulty in mind we have compiled a list of some of the best Power Wheels alternatives for older kids from ages 5 to 10 years old and beyond!

In this guide we have included all different brands of ride on toys for bigger kids in order to provide you with the very best options avaliable.

Tips for Finding the Best Power Wheels Alternatives for 5 to 10 Year Olds

  • When looking for a ride on toy for older kids the first…

Best 12 Volt Power Wheels Ride On Toys

Kids love electric powered ride on toys with the most well know brand being Power Wheels.

Over the years the use of the term Power Wheels has become a generic name used for most any electric ride on toy. So in this review we will be using the term Power Wheels in its broader sense and reviewing various brands of vehicles, allowing us to present you with a list of the very best 12 volt ride on toys currently available from all brands!

We have also included some buying tips and FAQs to help you pick out the best electric…

best 24 volt battery powered ride on toys

What child doesn’t want the adventure and excitment of their own little vehicle to drive! The excitement that comes with these makes battery powered ride on toys a favorite among children and parents alike!

Those vehicles that are powered by a bigger 24 volt battery (and slightly faster as a result) give a growing child a feeling of speed and require them to concentrate. This helps them to develop not only their attention and focus but both gross and fine motor skills.

In this guide we have covered some some 24 volt ride on toys of all kinds from dirt…

Toy phones can be both fun and educational for toddlers. Not only does playing with a fake phone help children improve their fine motor skills, but it also encourages them to develop their verbal skills as well.

To help you when shopping for these types of toys we have put together a list of the best play phones for toddlers and kids just below. We have included all types of play phones including retro rotary phones, fake cell phones, toy smartphones, flip phones and even specific ones that appeal more to boys and girls!

No matter which one you get…


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