12 Cool Gift Ideas for 18 Year Old Boys

Best Gifts for 18 Year Old Teenage Guys

Purchasing gifts for 18 year old boys can often seem overwhelming simply because young men of this age can be at vastly different positions in their lives. Some are finishing high school, some are beginning their first year of college and some are moving out on their own for the first time.

To help you with your gift shopping we have put together a list of fun and useful gifts that are suitable for 18 year old boys regardless of their current or future plans.

In a Rush? See Our Top 3 Picks Just Below

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Top Pick: Beef Jerky Birthday Snack Pack

Runner Up: Stylish Timex Watch

2nd Runner Up: Portable Ping Pong Set

Our Criteria for Choosing Good Gifts for 18 Year Old Males

In order to ensure that the gifts we chose for this list are premium highly rated gifts we used two criteria for our choices.

Entertainment Value

We realize that 18 year olds need some form of entertainment to help them to relax and enjoy life so we evaluate the entertainment value of any gifts designed for amusement or relaxation. We look at the item’s ability to hold the teens interest and how often they are likely to want to use the item.


For other gifts on our list we determine the usefulness to the teen and whether or not the gift will make their lives simpler and more convenient.

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The Best Gift Ideas for 18 Year Old Boys List

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1. Leather Travel Bag

A durable travel bag will make a great gift for any 18 year old planning for their senior class trip, going off to college or moving away from home. This leather duffel bag is ideal for a guy who is on the go from time to time.


Enough room to pack clothing for 3 to 5 days

Well made


Some people don’t like the smell of the bag

2. Portable Ping Pong Set

Most 18 year olds live on a limited income and therefore need something to entertain them at home, which is why this portable ping pong set makes a great gift for the older teen who may soon be transitioning from their parents home to their own.


Easy set up

Comes with everything needed for play


Some sets came with balls missing

3. Stylish/Modern Bedding Set

Whether that 18 year old will soon be going off to school or moving into a place of their own, they are going to need bedding for their bed. This bedding set comes in twin, twin XL, full and queens sizes so you can select the size bedding that most meets the needs of an 18 year old as a gift for Christmas or their birthday.


Stylish color goes with any décor

Nice and soft


None that we found

4. Memory Foam Lap Desk with Light

Most teens don’t sit at a desk or table when using their laptop preferring the comfort of a sofa or an easy chair. Receiving this lap desk with light as a gift will allow the guy to be comfortable while using their laptop. This desk will hold laptops up to 18 inches.


Good light

Nice size


Some problems with the light switch

5. Gaming Chair

This fabric floor gaming chair makes a great gift for an 18 year old guy. Not only is it perfect for those teens who are into gaming, but this chair also is perfect for a teens bedroom or as added furniture for their first apartment. It can even serve as a bed in a pinch when the teen has company.


Not too bulky

Lightweight and easy to move


Can be a little difficult to get out of for some people

6. Crockpot

A easy cook crockpot makes a great gift for any single male just living on their own for the first time. This handy appliance allows them to cook a decent meal while they are working, allowing them to enjoy nutritious food without having to eat out every day.


Makes meals for just two people

Can be transported easily for get togethers


Some lid latches break within a few uses

7. Men’s Watch

A Timex watch makes a good graduation gift, birthday or Christmas gift for any 18 year old. This Timex watch is easy to read and will help the teen make it to school, work and appointments on time.


Nice looking watch for both casual and dress

Face is easy to read


Some users have problems with the watches stem

8. Jerky Sampler Gift Box

Whether going to college or living out on their own most 18 year old males live on a limited income so giving them a snack pack like this beef jerky gift box can actually be a good choice for a Christmas present or birthday gift since it allows them to enjoy some tasty treats while not taking money out of their pocket.


Variety of flavors

Great to grab and go when you don’t have time to eat


Box of snacks much smaller than they appear

9. Grooming Kit

This manicure/Pedicure set is a must have for any young man who is concerned about their appearance. This grooming set has everything the teen will need to keep their fingernails and toenails in perfect shape.


This is a good grooming set



Nail clippers seem to be a bit dull

10. Brickell Premium Men’s Skin Care Set

Another great gift for older teenagers is this premium men’s skin care kit. With all-natural organic and gentle ingredients this skin care set is not only safe for a young man’s skin but will leave their skin looking clearer and healthier.

This skin care set includes an activated charcoal cleanser, face scrub and moustrizing lotion.


Improves skin tone

Exfoliates well


Some found it to be too pricey

What Are Unique Gifts You Can Give An 18 Year Old Guy Who Has Everything?

There may be times when that 18 year old guy on your shopping list simply has so much stuff that he really doesn’t have any immediate needs or wants. Should that be the case for you then here are some alternative gift ideas that any eighteen year old will be thrilled to receive.

1. Cash Money

A great gift for any 18th birthday is money since teens this age often have limited income and money giving them actual cash will help them meet their needs and wants.

2. Gift Certificates

Like money gift certificates can come in handy to any 18 year old guy with a limited income. Whether that gift certificate is for gas, a clothing store, a campus or other book store, or a local restaurant where the teen can get a decent meal a gift certificate will allow the boy to better live with their budget.

Tips for Choosing Premium Christmas & Birthday Gifts for 18 Year Old Men

  • Take note of what the young man is currently doing and his plans for the near future.
  • Pay attention to what the teen says they need or want based on their individual needs.
  • Choose the highest quality gifts you can afford since you want to give a gift that can be long term.

Wrapping Up Our List of the Best Gifts for 18 Year Old Boys

Most 18 yr old guys are beginning a new chapter in their lives and the gifts we have presented on this list are designed to meet those needs.

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