11 Awesome Toys & Gifts for 9 Year Old Boys

Finding the most exciting gift ideas for 9 year old boys can make their birthday or the holidays more memorable than it already is. When you find them that killer present, it can be the highlight of their entire week or month!

In this review, we’ve taken the time to research only the best toys for 9 year olds . That’s why this list is substantially shorter than many of the other reviews that you may have seen out there.

We’ve only included the highest rated options so you have the assurance in knowing that you’ll be able to choose from only the best options.

Our goal was to make sure that you don’t waste any more time on shopping. Instead, you can narrow down your search from the beginning and focus on fewer options. After reading the review, you’ll be able to put your mind at ease and feel good about the kind of present that you’re going to choose.

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Top Pick: RC Monster Truck

Runner Up: Mini Basketball Hoope & Rebounder

2nd Runner Up: RC Robot Building Kit

Criteria Used in Evaluating the Best Toys for 9 Year Old Boys

That includes how entertaining a gift is, how educational it is, as well as what a boy age 9 likes for his birthday and Christmas. You may want to use this section to gain more info about what you can expect from our list of reviewed toys.

Educational Value

This includes STEM toys that encourage kids to improve their knowledge on science, math, and engineering with a hands on experience. They also help boys learn how to read and follow instructions.

Entertainment Value

There’s a middle ground to be found too. This is the case with the building sets as their age appropriate toys that nine yr olds can learn from while be entertained. The options in this review that are more concerned with the entertainment value include RC cars, tricycles, drones, Nerf blasters, and more.

There is also stuff that encourage boys to play outdoors or be more active. These aren’t necessarily educational, but they can definitely be beneficial. Boys are able to spend more time outdoors and be more active, rather than being inside, glued to a screen.

If you solely focus on educational presents for your child, it’s pretty likely that they’re going to get bored of learning. There’s only so long that you can expect them to concentrate and learn new information for. That’s why we think it’s a great idea to get both educational and entertaining toys. When your boy has had enough of learning, they can turn to their entertaining toys to get a break, have fun, and clear their mind.

What Do Boys Like for Their 9th Birthday?

You could go with gift ideas that 9 year boys can use to play with their friends on the day of their birthday. For example, if you’re throwing a birthday party, gifts for 9th birthdays that involve 2 or more players could make for a good choice.

What to Get a 9 Year Old Boy for Christmas?

You could also buy a gift that the family can get involved in together on Christmas day. A board game can be a good way to get the family together to spend quality time over the holidays.

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The Best Gift Ideas & Toys for 9 Year Old Boys List

1. Remote Control Construction Jeep

If you were interested in a present that’s both educational and fun, this Remote Control Construction Jeep would be a great choice. It lets 9 year old boys have the chance to build the set by following the instructions and learning about science, engineering, and more along the way.

The finished product is a great remote control Jeep toy that boys have a blast using to play with. They feel very accomplished afterwards and can enjoy using the toy to play with friends and family.

2. Educational Robot Building Toy

Boys can build this Educational Robot Toy from scratch by using the manual that’s included. They’ll be able to spend a while constructing the toy as there are 350 pieces.

A remote has been included which lets boys control the robot to move in different directions. It’s another good set that lets children have an immersive learning experience with math, science, and engineering. The batteries are also rechargeable which is convenient.

This robot toy is an excellent problem-solving challenge for most 9 year old boys!

3. Remote Control Car

When buying gifts for a 9 year old boy who’s interested in cars and action, this Super Fast RC Car would make for a fun gift. This one has a remote that lets children control the toy while being between 50 and 80 meters away.

We noticed the remote is responsive and prevents interference to allow for precise controls. Boys can have a lot of fun racing the toy at speeds of up to 20 km/h.

4. Lego City Transport Building Set

The Lego City Heavy Cargo Transport Set includes a helicopter and truck with a trailer. Boys who are 8 enjoy using these pieces, along with the 2 mini figures, to be imaginative with how they play.

Prior to playing with the set, they’re able to challenge themselves by constructing all the 310 parts together. The set is great for being used with other Lego sets for more creativity.

5. Razor Electric Tricycle

Nine year olds who have a keen interest in playing outdoors would have a lot of fun with this Razor Electric Powered Tricycle. It has a feature that lets them perform 360-degree turns and drifts.

So, they’ll be occupied playing outdoors with this present for a long time. Users have been mentioning how the hand operated brakes are reliable and work to keep children safe.

This is a fun ride on toy 9 year old boys will love for their birthday! We’ve also suggested this riding toy in our gift guide for 10 year old boys.

6. Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots Game

This Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots Game is a classic that boys will be excited to use when playing friends and siblings. It involves them picking their sides and using the buttons to make the toys punch each other.

The sound effects that are included make the set that much more entertaining for boys. A Batman vs. Superman edition is also available for children who like those characters.

7. Nerf Nailbiter Zombie Strike Blaster

Nerf’s Zombie Strike Toy Blaster has a fast fire feature with no priming needed and an 8 dart clip. This is a fun feature that lets boys shoot up to 8 darts without having to reload.

The toy is superb for group play as boys can run around shooting the foam darts at each other.

It’s great for year round play since it can be enjoyed inside or outside! If you want you can also preemptively load up an extra replacement darts as we know boys tend to lose the darts quickly!

8. Mini Basketball Hoop with Rebounder

If you’re looking for gifts for a 9 year old boy who likes sports then this is just what you’re looking for. Boys would have a great time playing with this Mini Basketball Hoop and Rebounder Set. The height of the basket can be adjusted to suit your boy best.

People have been loving how there’s a timer and scoring system included. It makes the set feel more exciting and competitive. To keep things easy, the ball can return straight back to you after a shot has been taken due to the system that’s available underneath the net.

The one basketball that’s included with the set is also foam. This gives parents a peace of mind in knowing that it’s a safe toy to play with outdoors and indoors.

9. Magnetic Dartboard

This Magnetic Dart Board is a magnificent gift idea for your tween because while boys this age love playing darts, real dart sets are a safety concern until your son is a little bit older. The set includes 6 dart that are available in 2 different colors.

This makes it fun for boys to play with others and compete. The magnetic feature is also strong so that the darts stick to the board properly. You can also easily set the dartboard up in your child’s bedroom, play room, or somewhere outdoors.

10. Remote Control Monster Truck

Most 9 year old boys can keep themselves amused when playing with this Remote Control monster Truck on rougher terrain outdoors due to the slope climbing feature. It means the truck has enough power to go up steep slopes so that boys can explore different surfaces while playing with it outdoors.

The RC monster truck in blue, green or red so you can select the color you boy likes the most.

We liked how a USB cable is available as it makes charging the toy convenient. The remote that’s included works with a 2.4 GHz system that ensures kids can control it with plenty of responsiveness.

11. Electronic Battle Ship Board Game

Your boy can use this Electronic Version of Battleship to play with their friends. During the game time, kids will be able to work on their ability to think more strategically in an attempt to outwit each other and win.

This is a good example of a game that incorporates both educational and entertainment values. Boys can have a good time playing against each other to try and win, which is the fun part. They’re also able to learn about strategy, which is where the educational side comes in.

A case has been included which makes the entire set easily portable meaning boys can take this with them wherever they choose.

Wrapping Up Our Gift List of Toys Your 9 Year Old Boy Will Love

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